Dreams and Bones: What I Learned From Pete Seeger

I woke up this morning to an e-mail from my sister, letting me know that Pete Seeger had died. Rebecca said, recalling one of his concerts:

“After dorkily waiting for several minutes to shake his hand and tell him I was honored to meet him and I grew up on his music, I left the conference hall. He walked out behind me and looked up. The weather was sunny and lovely, and apparently it made him happy, so he yodeled. And I thought, this has made my year. And also: I have to call Mom and Dad right away.”

We both grew up on his music. As I’ve started to think about sharing my values with my own children, I’ve realized how much my parents passed on through Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Ronnie Gilbert, Arlo Guthrie, Woody Guthrie…

Pete Seeger taught me about stewardship, being a part of nature and taking care of it at the same time:

He taught me to work for change–and to have confidence that it will make a difference:

He taught me to question the status quo:

And he taught me that it matters not only how well you sing, but how many people you can get to sing along.

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