Update on the Peas, Plus Bonus Links

A couple of weeks ago—well after the time that Spring started in DC last year, and the year before that—I posted this picture of our garden:

garden plot

Last week, since it was in fact the middle of March, we finally planted the peas, and also the strawberry plants. Today the garden looks like this:

planted garden

The Arctic can go home any time now. Have some links for an unseasonal snow day:

Real Climate wants better graphs of historic climate shifts.

Sense About Science has a nice round-up on the AAAS “Planning for Hazards” panel.

The Capital Weather Gang says that focusing on extreme weather events doesn’t get across the severity of climate change, and lets people ignore climate whenever we aren’t having a major storm.

The Senate’s big climate all-nighter doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect.

The Guardian wants to know why we haven’t had a Manhattan Project for climate. (Possibly because that model doesn’t work when the breakthroughs needed are intrinsically social.)

This is a really cool project to try and restore the Colorado River Delta. Although it’s also representative of why the Anthropocene just freaks me out sometimes.

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