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Review: Years of Living Dangerously

This evening, I was lucky enough to catch the DC preview of Years of Living Dangerously, James Cameron’s new climate change documentary show. (I was not lucky enough to realize in advance that the preview took place during the World … Continue reading

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Helpless at the Museum: What If You Don’t Feel Like Part of the Solution?

A few years ago—the internet tells me it was 2010—the Field Museum in Chicago put on a climate change exhibit. This was at the start of my career transition, and in fact I had just stopped working onva tenure portfolio … Continue reading

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The Unfamiliar Apocalypse

The world has always been about to end.  When I was growing up, it was World War 3.  It was the most well-documented of modern wars, so we all knew the shape of the thing.  Someone would mistake a flock … Continue reading

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